A Jump Start On The New Year's Resolution

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(a/k/a yea right but I gotta try anyway)

I thought I'd try to get a tiny little jumpstart on the new year by revisiting and rediscovering my gym membership. I've put on an undisclosed amount of weight (twenty pounds but you didn't hear that from me) ever since getting married and after a recent clean bill of health from my doc I figured I should do something about it.

Of course diet and proper nutrition fits into the losing-weight equation. I don't eat terribly; in fact, I'm not a big fast food person. But when you are around food, day in and day out, testing recipes and tasting new things, well, it gets hard to discipline oneself.

I've compiled a list of things that won't be a part of my world in the next few months.

OH MY GOD I LOVE DONUTS! I LOVE THEM I DO I DO!!! But as far as sweets go they just aren't the smartest choice, simply not enough bang for their caloric buck. Goodbye, Krispy Kreme.

It may be what's for dinner, but not MY dinner. I've got a cholesterol level to keep in check, and after last summer's trip to Argentina I've already made my annual quota for beef consumption.

I actually don't drink Coke or Pepsi or Sprite at all but I wanted to put something on my list that I could easily adhere to.

See, life just ain't fair, y'all. I've recently discovered a take-away Indian restaurant that is directly between my home and office and they have amazing, delicious samosas that I love and dream about and want to hug. They're truly that good. I guess I'll find a new route to work.

1. Raw vegetables
2. Nuts
3. Brown Rice
4. Salmon, especially during peak seasons
5. Beets

Hey! I just noticed something! If I add cheese to numbers 1-5 I might actually stick to it my list. YAY I am so happy now!

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  1. Blogger Jim Donahue 

    Oh, Krispy Kremes ... fluffy little clouds of artery-clogging goodness.

    I was bummed that the one I sometimes passed on the way to work closed, but it's probably for the best.

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