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I am prompted to write today because of an article written by Pete Wells in Food & Wine Magazine. It touched off a small discussion on another site that I read called Food Musings and it got me thinking: I'm new to this whole world of food blogging. Do I really need to subject my stuff in an already overly-saturated cyber market of food writers? Clearly there are others who do a much better job (and of course I think no one does it better than Melissa at Traveler's Lunchbox and Aun at Chubby Hubby). Am I really just going to waste bandwidth talking about what I had for lunch? Gee, I hope not. With that said I decided to put together my first Mission Statement, if for no reason to just make it clear why I do what I do.

Matt Bites Mission Statement

1. I am passionate about taste, flavor and quality.
I always have been and always will be. I've dedicated my career to it.

2. I believe those who farm, grow, harvest and create high quality food and products have a story that deserves to be shared.
Hopefully I can do a tiny bit of justice and tell their story thanks to the access provided to me by my job.

3. Food Connects People.
It has since the beginning of time and always will. In our current world we need this more than ever.

4. I sincerely value the merits and actions of those who promote and believe in good food.
Students, chefs, bakers, writers, photographers, stylists and cooks all really rock my world.

5. I don't enter contests.
Designer Bruce Mau says "Don't enter award competitions. Just don't. It's not good for you." This not only applies to this site but also to my day job. I'm a self-taught everything and while recognition is appreciated it's not my motivation.

6. Irreverence is my middle name.
Ok, it's really "Benjamin" after my father but it might as well be "goofy".

Oh, and on the occasion I'm truly moved to write about what I had for lunch, please, go easy.

8 Responses to “A Mission Statement”

  1. Anonymous Barbara Fisher 

    Hello, Matt!

    I followed the link in your comment to find your mission statement here--a good one, to be certain. That Food & Wine article has certainly caught food bloggers' attention, hasn't it?

    I disagreed with several points in his article (and didn't think it was very well written to boot--I've read other articles he has written that were more stylishly done--and I say that from the point of view of someone who has been and is an editor)--one of which was the idea that a successful food blog has to have a "theme."

    I think that "themes" work for some people, and not for others. I tend to find them to be too limiting--I like to write essays, as you now know--on themes ranging from food safety, food additives, sociology of food and food history--but I also like to research and present recipes, write book reviews, and do presentations on local food and sustainability issues. I like to research Asian food, and present it from the context of my own background as a hillbilly who now teaches how to cook Chinese, Indian and Thai food.

    One of the things that a lot of magazine and newspaper writers miss out in their views of blogs is that blogging is a different media altogether than traditional print media. It is a holistic project--reading bits and pieces of it out of context give a view of what it could be, but not necessarily what it is. Just as taking a single random sentence from a magazine or newspaper article cannot convey the whole of what that article is about. The blog is something that reveals the writer in ways that previously only b--o length writings, fiction or nonfiction, could do. They are memoirs essentially, that are made public as they are being written, and as such, very much convey the voice and personality of the author as much as they present the information that the writer is explicating directly.

    That said--I still like your mission statement. I will be back to visit--I hope you keep visiting T&S.


  2. Anonymous Liz 

    Thanks for that!

    I was thinking about why I blog the other day and since I do like food and write about it alot, I don't consider myself a foodie; rather a frustrated writer who just enjoys playing the keypad and a connoisseur of life in general. I like good stuff and that's what I like to write about and share- #4 all the way. If it rocks my world, I like to tell folks about it.

    I forwarded your url to a friend- a chef who wants to get out the word on his cookbook- and he gave you what is high praise in my book. Simply put, you enjoy life and don't take yourself too seriously. That alone brings something fresh to the blogosphere.

    So keep it up!



  3. Anonymous sam 

    Someone just pointed me to your charming site. One word of warning - those awards arent for entering - someone else enters you for them whether you like it or not. So watch out, don't get too good at this blogging mularky - you don't want to gain too many fans who might vote for you, eh??!
    Other than that, totally agreed, with every point apart from #6, I have an ex called Benjamin but my middle name is Jayne.

  4. Anonymous MM 

    Er, that was me rambling on earlier. Did not want you to think I was a cowardly anonymouse poseur .. I mean poster.

  5. Anonymous Matt 

    Stephanie, no way! Rambling in encouraged, I so completely appreciate your response. So well written and wonderful points raised.

    And now I have a new blog to discover! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Anonymous matt 

    Stephanie, no way! Rambling in encouraged, I so completely appreciate your response. So well written and wonderful points raised.

    And now I have a new blog to discover! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Anonymous Alanna 

    Welcome to a warm and vibrant -- and welcoming! -- community. With a voice like this, you'll be heard whether it's what you seek or not! AK

  8. Anonymous ejm 

    One of the really good things about Wells' article is that there is suddenly a whole new set of blogs to peruse. I like your mission statement, Matt.


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