'Nuff Said.

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14 Responses to “'Nuff Said.”

  1. Anonymous L 

    Hee hee. Me too.

  2. Anonymous Liz 

    I heart Matt's sammich ;-)

  3. Anonymous Liz 

    In fact I double heart his sammich. Yum yum!

  4. Anonymous tami 

    you're my hero :)


  5. Anonymous Chubby Hubby 

    God, that looks so good. It's like an even more delicious than usual Donna Hay cover image.

  6. Anonymous Pille 

    I thought there was something Donna Hay-ish about the picture (glancing towards her three issues of DH)
    Nice sandwich, Matt!

  7. Anonymous Sigrid 

    Great blog!
    And I love that 'I love sandwiches' logo of yours :-))

  8. Anonymous Monkey Gland 


  9. Anonymous matt 


    Thank you! I'm so glad you stopped by and commented! Oh, and the small "I love sandwiches" logo was borrowed, I unfortunately cannot take credit for it! :)

  10. Anonymous MM 

    I can't taste or smell anything at the moment but that picture almost cured me! Fabulous!

  11. Anonymous hd connelly 

    that has got to be the yummiest-looking cheese sammich I have ever seen!!
    Leave it to you, Matt...I love your blog, your images and your devotion to deliciousness. I need to learn to love food this much. ;)

  12. Anonymous Nicholas 

    That's one great looking sandwich Matt!
    I wonder if Pete Wells is reading this. :D

  13. Anonymous Steve J. 

    Were can I find some more free recipes on line?


  14. Blogger 日月神教-向左使 

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