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History has had its shares of true bona fide sandwich lovers. There was Hillel the Elder who served lamb and bitter herbs between two matzos. There was John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who wedged a bit of beef between two slices of toasted bread so that he wouldn't have to leave the gaming table. Even fictitious personalities got into the game; Dagwood Burnstead was known to pile quite a bit of meat and cheese between a few slices of bread, giving us the beloved Dagwood. And then there was Dee of What's Happening (yes, I am a child of the 1970s), whose answer to life's daily predicaments always involved running to the kitchen to make a sandwich. When the tough got going, well, Dee made a sandwich– a philosophy I don't think is all that bad myself.

Sandwiches are so varied, so customized, so beloved that it would be impossible to blog about them in any depth at all. I could talk about pining for grilled cheese sandwich night at Campanile. I could talk about eating the best Cuban I've ever had in my life in Miami. I could wax poetic about the pleasures of a Vietnamese sandwich complete with baguette, cornichon and paté, but I won't. Instead, I want to talk about one of life's most simplest of pleasures, the culinary trinity that makes me salivate just from thinking about it.

Bacon + Lettuce + Tomato.

I wish I could offer and absolute statement here, saying that the combination of these three ingredients make for my favorite sandwich, but truth be told I am way too crazy for just about anything between two slices of bread. But if I had to pick, nothing puts a smile on my face quicker than smoky bacon, thick juicy slices of ripe tomatoes, crisp lettuce and generous amounts of homemade mayonnaise.

The beauty of a BLT is that its open to a wide range of interpretation. Adding avocado creates a California BLT (or BLAT, a rather non-tasty and unfortunate acronym). A BLT tastes just as amazing on toast as it does your run-of-the-mill white bread, but of course a sandwich constructed on artisan or specialty bread will always taste better. And a BLT is only as good as its ingredients. When it comes to bacon, I skip the cheap stuff and go for the thick stuff - you want the bacon to count in this sandwich, don't you? And if you can get your hands on delicious, fresh tomatoes then knock yourself out– A BLT with mealy tomatoes is a shame beyond shames. And when it comes to lettuce, I prefer green or red leaf, but you could easily add anything you have on hand. But remember, freshness counts!

And now to my favorite part: mayonnaise. Growing up it was always the jarred stuff, which does the job but comes no where close to the flavor of making it yourself. Of course I'm lazy and go for convenience, which in my case means Lemonaise from The Ojai Cook. I've held off ranting about this stuff for some time but I feel a posting dedicated to this stuff quickly approaching! But I digress... Mayonnaise is the ingredient that brings all these things together, without it you're just eating a dry sandwich. Unthinkable!

Sitting down to a BLT is such a tasty and simple experience. It's almost humbling in a strange way; it's not fancy, it's not fussy but it's always delicious.

I think it's time to enjoy a BLT ASAP!

9 Responses to “BLT ASAP”

  1. Anonymous Monkey Gland 

    Snap! Must be something in the air...

  2. Anonymous Bsarah 

    aha! so here are the comments, on the individual post pages!


    that is the sexiest looking blt i've ever seen...tall, lanky, totally meaty and fresh


  3. Anonymous melissa 

    i have to agree with Bsarah. if that blt was a person i'd get naked and make love to it.

    mattie - i'd love a good homemade mayonnaise recipe!

  4. Anonymous bea at La Tartine Gourmande 

    The simplest pleasures can be the best. And this BLT is one. Funny to think that for the longest time, as much of a food-lover that I am, I had no idea what the acronym stood for (English LOVES acronyms!) and I only recently asked a friend who put the light on it for me! What a BLT that you have! Attractive!

  5. Anonymous Melissa 

    Wow, I just want to reach right into the screen and grab that triple-decker BLT! You know you've written a fantastic post when people like me have to stop and mop up that little puddle of drool under the computer screen... :)

  6. Anonymous j. brotherlove 

    OMIGOD! That's the best looking BLT I've ever seen... I want! I want! You sure know how to make food look sexy, Matt.

  7. Anonymous Tony Clark 

    I love your site, Tami from runningwithtweezers turned me on to you. The BLT is great, but the artichokes rock my brother.


  8. Anonymous B'gina 

    That BLT is a work of art. Also one of my favorite sandwiches. I like Romaine and, of course, since I'm a California girl, avocado, but I can do the plain old BLT on smooshy white bread with iceberg lettuce, too. It's just such a great combination of salty, acid, crisp and creamy. You gotta love it.

  9. Anonymous FlarnChef 

    I love the way you think, but it is Dagwood Bumstead.

    I shall continue reading your blog, and licking my monitor is needed.

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