Corzo: Tequila Goes Upscale

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Two alcohol postings in a row? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's been that kind of week.

I must admit that it was the stellar packaging that first drew me to Corzo tequila. Bold, elegant, reminiscent of a giant perfume bottle with an off-center spout, Corzo's bottle and packaging materials stand out from the rest of the run-of-the-mill tequila bottles. And in a highly competitive spirits market this is important. (As a side note, the designer in me uttered the usual "but of course!" when I learned that the entire packaging was designed by star designer-to-the-fashion-industry Fabien Baron.)

Corzo is a super-premium tequila from Bacardi. While on a tour and meeting with Bacardi years ago in Miami for a small freelance assignment I learned that the world's largest, privately held family-owned spirits company didn't have a successful tequila brand in their portfolio. It was hard to comprehend. No tequila? After a few years in development it looks as if Corzo will attempt to change that.

The process of making tequila isn't easy. It's long, labor intensive and oftentimes results in inferior products. It's no wonder why people clutch their foreheads and say "no tequila, please". But the truth is, just like everything else, quality does matter. Corzo uses only the heart of the agave plant from the Los Altos region of the State of Jalisco, Mexico's primary agave growing region. Corzo features twice the agave per liter than other premium tequilas. In fact, it's the only tequila I know of that distills after aging, resulting in a smooth, refined taste that begs to be sipped and savored.

Ok, it's beautifully designed, backed by the big wallets of Bacardi, and made by a patented process. But how does it taste? Even better than it looks, if you can believe it. Corzo Silver is the only variety I'd include in a cocktail, and that's not because it's not good by itself. It's great by itself, with notes of citrus and vanilla. Corzo Reposado is aged in oak barrels, giving it notes of oak and honey. It's truly delicious and begs to be sipped neat. Corzo Anejo is incredibly smooth with much more character than its younger siblings and should be enjoyed slowly. I wasn't able to find out how long the Anejo is aged but suffice it to say that however long, well, it's perfect.

As with all spirits, please enjoy in moderation!

7 Responses to “Corzo: Tequila Goes Upscale”

  1. Anonymous K. 

    This blog is beautiful, I must say....Bravo! And thank goodness for Tequila!

  2. Anonymous Darrell 

    Yes, but how is it when it's slammed with salt and lime?

  3. Anonymous melissa 

    i'm one of the masses who, after having spent one too many nights heaving over a commode from, well, gross over-consumption of the fruits of the agave plant, opt for a drink with spirits other than tequila. however, this post makes me want to re-think my past mistakes and try tequila again for the quality versus the quantity. (always my fatal error)

    the bottles are absolutely gorgeous! i think i might actually just want them for their chic packaging...

  4. Anonymous David 

    Send your fans to the Corzo site, as beautiful as the bottle. Now, here's the question of the day...Where can I find a bar in L.A. that serves Corzo Anejo? Get at me Angelenos, I've got a fist full of money and nowhere to spend it.

  5. Anonymous Philip 

    The Corzo Anejo is some of the best sipping tequila I have had. I have tried many premium tequilas, some costing 4 times the amount of the Corzo, and they were not even close to being as smooth to sip as Corzo Anejo. Also to Melissa you get sick from drinking non 100% de aguave tequila from all the added stuff in those "gold tequilas" which only have 51% aguave juices in them and from the mixed drink mixtures that aren't all natural. If you make margaritas from 100% de aguave tequila and use all natural margarita mix( it will be refrigarated) you could drink almost as much as you wanted and you won't get sick. This goes for drinking it straight also. If you do this the feeling you get is much better than drinking the cheap crap and you won't get the spins or feel the urge to throw up. Happy Drinking.

  6. Anonymous Andy gray 

    The anejo is one of the best sipping tequilas I own. It would not be humane to put it in a mixed drink!

    The packaging is to the nines. Nobody else comes close!

  7. Blogger a lucas 

    Nice. I just got my corzo añejo today a f also I got COMITECO a Tequila like spirit
    Made and and bottled in The city of Comitan Chiapas

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