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After a few PR inquiries and emails from companies (as well as clearance from the HR Department of my day job!), mattbites has decided to review products. Now, these reviews are not the same as my regular postings where I go crazy over a piece of cheese or drink a new cocktail and then blog all drunk about it and embarrass myself later with typos and grammatical errors and whatnot. No sir, these are different. I'll always let you know when something was submitted, I'll review it honestly, and I will never accept payment. Ever. Money has a tendency to change things, not always for the better, and this is supposed to be fun, people! Besides, I already gots me a day job, yo.

5 Responses to “Product Reviews”

  1. Anonymous melissamcgee 

    yay! and congratulations! i can't wait to start reading regular reviews like your new light beer review above... that was very informative, especially for a simple texas girl who likes her beer to come from shiner, texas... ;)

    and about blogging all drunk - those are some of my favorite posts of yours! every time i see a photo of a cocktail on your blog, i get all excited before i even have a chance to read it... "HOORAY! MATT'S FACED AGAIN!" it's always a very good read.

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