Thanks But No Thanks

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STYLIST: "Hello Matt. My name is xxx and I am a food stylist. I was wondering if I could drop off my book sometime next week for someone to review."

MATT: "Oh, but of course. I'd love to see it."

STYLIST: "Great. And by the way, your Cinco De Mayo ad from last year was just terrible."

MATT: "Excuse me?"

STYLIST: "Your ad, the one you ran last year, it was just terrible. The food styling and the photography were just awful."

MATT: "Ah, um, well I see. Thank you for calling, I'll check out your book next week."

The End. Literally.

Ladies and gentleman, I don't need to tell you that when you are looking for work you should be as polite and mannered as possible. Bad-mouthing the work of a potential employer as well as other colleagues in your field is a sure-fire way to make sure the big door closes on your opportunity faster than Donald can say "you're fired!"

It's just a thought.

11 Responses to “Thanks But No Thanks”

  1. Anonymous Melissa 

    Wow, really? That's astounding. I can't imagine what compelled that person to offer that blunt observation out of the blue. Makes your decision pretty easy, though!

  2. Anonymous Cachaca 

    Har har what a dumb

  3. Anonymous Robyn 

    Wow, that's ...not smart. However, I'm curious to see how good this food stylist is. ;)

  4. Anonymous devin 

    just found your site via delicious it, very funny.

  5. Anonymous bea at La tartine gourmande 

    Funny, did it really happen this way? A real joke! By the way, I was pleased to work styling the food at a real professional studio last Friday, for fun and to get the idea of the work and the whole process. Thought about you then! I was exhausted when i got home!

  6. Anonymous David Schloss 


    Seriously though, that Cinco De Mayo ad was the pits. Terrible.

    Actually, never saw it, but couldn't resist.

  7. Anonymous Matt 

    David..... you rule :)

  8. Anonymous s'kat 

    People never cease to amaze.

  9. Anonymous j. brotherlove 

    That's hilariously thoughtless!

  10. Anonymous BustersDad 

    My favorite part of this tale is how far the caller went against the old axiom, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything." I guess this story shows how right my Mom was! My reaction would have been the same as yours. It goes to show the importance of basic manners!

  11. Anonymous Tana 

    A belated comment, certainly.

    Have you any idea what joy springs from my heart when someone writes well and does NOT split an infinitive?

    Because baby, sometimes you can have it both ways, but I think most mortais can't fulfill either condition.

    P.S., The Galliard Italic ampersand was one of my first lovers. I used to call my business Ampersand Graphics. Again, most mortals did not get it. That's okay. I'm just talking to YOU.

    Ciao, señor!

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