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Striking. Tasteful yet subtle. Sweet and tangy. I could go on when describing Nevat,
a soft-ripened goat's milk cheese from Cataluña. Made by Josep Cuixart, he uses only his own milk and the milk of neighboring herds to make this hand-formed cheese, and it's processed the same day he gets his milk. Just like Brie, Nevat is injected with penicillium molds allowing it to ripen from the outside in, giving it a deliciously creamy texture in the center.

Nevat must be tasted to be believed. The bloomy white rind gives way to a very subtle, sweet and soft cheese on the inside with a noticeable finish that ends in a pleasant tang. I'm big on cheese condiments and pairings, but something as unique as Nevat should be enjoyed as simply as possible to appreciate every single nuance this cheese possesses.

Because of Nevat's soft nature and the fact that it is indeed a living, breathing cheese it can be a challenge to locate as it's not as hardy as a Manchego or Zamorano, but trust me on this one: it's worth it.

11 Responses to “Nevat”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Why don't you make an entry for navat on wikipedia? I checked, and they don't have one. ;+)

    Thanks for such a great blog. I really love info like this that alerts me to stuff I've never heard of but would probably love.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Never had this cheese before , how can it be for the cheese lover that I am ???? I will go on a mission to try to find it!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Hooray! A new cheese to try! Perhaps there should be cheese of the day!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    i'm gonna get so fat because of you.

    well, fatter.

    and poor.

    okay, poorer.

    but i'll be the best fed poor, fat woman ever.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    melissa you made me smile! (i'm matt's sister - hello matt!)

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I just drooled all over my keyboard.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    hi angela!!! :-) (sorry matt... you're playing second banana while your sister and i are bonding.)

  8. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Poor, chubby and well-rounded foodwise is a thousand times better than skinny, rich and... how could you not want to know about food? Really?!

    I'm off to the store to hunt down some Nevat. If I don't eat it all today it will be served at my dinner party on Friday- after a short lecture on the cheese and its origins, of course. ;-)

    Hey Angela, was Matt always this crazy about food?

  9. Anonymous Anonymous 

    hi Liz, nice to meet ya! Hi Melissa (i'm an aries, too btw)
    Matt was always this crazy, yes. His passions are only outweighed by his incredible talents. Need a gourmet meal whipped up? No problem. Wedding invitation? No problem. Want to hear any song (you name it) played on almost any instrument (except the wind instruments, which is kind of funny cuz he's so full of hot air!) he can play it. I kid you not.
    But I'm smarter! hehehehehehe ;)

  10. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Nevat is an incredible cheese! Originally, I thought it was just like brie and the initial taste in your mouth does seem like brie. But then it bursts into different phases of flavor in your mouth. And the best thing is the lingering after taste of the cheese that makes you just smile and then want more.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Josep Cuixart is a cheesemaking genius. Nevat is one of my favorite cheeses in Catalonia. You probably know this already, but "nevat" means "snowy" in Catalan, a reference I suppose to the white mold you talked about. Can't wait to see April's cheese!

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