Food Secrets Revealed!

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If you know me you have probably told me a few hundred times to keep my loud laugh down or asked me if there was a way to contain and temper my excitement just a little bit. I'm gregarious, obnoxious and the poster boy for the word "demonstrative". Please forgive me.

I like others to celebrate life as well, but that doesn't mean working with me is a piece of cake, either. Work hard and play hard, that's what I say. When I'm art directing a shoot I like it to flow smoothly, and most importantly I want others to enjoy their work. Their efforts translate into a better shoot and that benefits everyone.

Yesterday I asked my stylist to create a big sandwich for a magazine feature on back to school lunches. I wanted it to be fun, not some humdrum boring lunchbox item that seems to appear everywhere around September.

"Make it tall, make it big, make it graphic!" I proclaimed.

What followed went above and beyond my expectations. I mean, I wanted her to have fun and work hard, but with this I was truly impressed. After being dumbfounded by her engineering prowess I asked her if I could reveal her towering structure on my blog, if only to show the work and thought and time that went into making a simple sandwich so, well, not simple.

She gladly obliged me, and I thank her.

I know I've said it before, but here's a big giant bow to the folks behind the scenes who make what you see look simple and delicious. It's not always the case.

My ever so patient assistant and full-time canine companion Chochi giving her approval on the shot. Nothing gets past her.

9 Responses to “Food Secrets Revealed!”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    It's nice to see there's a lot of hidden fiber in the sandwiches you're promoting!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    For regularlity, David!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I am amazed at Chochi's restraint! If my dog was in the general proximity of this sandwich it would be destroyed.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Chochi is so cute; I love her!!

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    that is one impressive block of sandwich! and a impressive disciplined dog. mine would have lapped it up before i can even say "sit".

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Impressive is the word.
    Yummy is another one.


  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    An architectural feat of gastronomical wonder. What a good dog!

  8. Anonymous Anonymous 

    That looks like terrific fun! Getting paid to play with your food!

    Chochi has the Paris Hilton stand down for the cameras with one foot extended. Love her (Chochi, not Paris).

  9. Blogger 日月神教-向左使 

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